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Fire and explosion in steel cylinder production line? How to avoid it?


Fire and explosion in LPG production line? How to avoid it?

Many manufacturers with LPG production line may be concerned about such a problem, that is, a fire and explosion occurred in the steel barrel spraying and drying line of the steel cylinder production line. This can't help but worry, is my production workshop safe? Could there also be hidden dangers?

In fact, each manufacturer's steel cylinder production line machines are different, and the reasons for fires in the steel barrel spray drying line are also various, which can be summarized as follows:

Fire and explosion in steel cylinder production line? How to avoid it?(图1)

Problems left over from engineering design and construction

In the process of engineering design and construction, the biggest problem is that there is no fire separation. The area of the entire steel drum spraying and drying room is very large, and it is common to have thousands of square meters. If such a large area is not separated, it will be helpless in the event of a huge fire, and the economic loss will be serious;

Some drying furnaces are of poor quality during construction, and the terminals of the electric heating elements in the furnace are in poor contact, resulting in sparks and easy fires;

Some drying furnaces are of poor quality or unstable, and often lose their function, resulting in the inflammable gas in the furnace not being discharged in time, and the explosion will occur if the concentration exceeds the allowable concentration.

Fire and explosion in steel cylinder production line? How to avoid it?(图2)

Problems left over by process design

In the process design, many manufacturers ignore the explosion-proof requirements of electrical equipment, and place the electrical equipment that does not meet the explosion-proof requirements between the two drying tunnels of the drying room without isolation. room fires or explodes.

The design power of some drying furnaces is too small to reach the temperature required for drying. In order to achieve the purpose of drying, the temperature is often increased by not opening the induced draft, so that the concentration of flammable gas in the furnace is too large. explode.

The design power of some drying furnaces is too large, which not only causes energy waste, but also often exceeds the ignition point of the combustible gas in the furnace due to the temperature out of control, causing fire and explosion.


So, how to prevent fire and explosion?

1. The new or under-construction steel cylinder production line must comply with the regulations of the infrastructure safety system. For the production lines that have been built and are in use, according to the safety and fire protection regulations, those that need to be separated must be separated, and the control operation room and the painting operation room must be separated. Ensure safe and civilized production and the implementation of national laws, regulations and standards related to safety.

2. Establish and improve the safety supervision mechanism for the whole process of infrastructure construction, new product development and technological transformation within the enterprise. From architectural designers, product designers, construction personnel, equipment manufacturers to equipment operators on the production site, safety and fire protection education should be carried out to improve their safety and fire protection awareness. And on this basis, establish a safety supervision mechanism within the enterprise to supervise all the activities of the enterprise.

3. Gradually implement the safety responsibility contract system among employees. Make everyone understand their safety responsibilities, especially the workers in the cleaning, spraying and drying production lines, must be aware of the importance of safe and civilized production and fire prevention, the consequences of fire and their preventive measures.

You may think that these things are very troublesome, but these things are necessary to exist. If there is a real danger, the loss to the enterprise will be huge. If you protect it normally, you are avoiding risks.

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