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Specification for general press maintenance

1、 Items to be performed for maintenance every 1500-2000 hours:

1. Detection and adjustment of the oil output and pressure detection function of the press lubricating grease

2. Check and necessary adjustment of filter, oil feeder regulating valve and other functions as well as moisture and impurities test

3. Check the setting value of the air pressure switch of the press and detect and adjust the pressure detection function

4. Check and adjust the set value and measured value of the mold height indicator switch

5. Check whether the sprocket, chain, transmission shaft, worm gear and other parts are loose

6. Disassemble the upper cover of the gear transmission case, check the wear of the internal parts and the looseness of the key position, clean the oil groove, replace the lubricating oil, test and check the operation condition, noise and vibration

7. Test and adjustment of oil output and pressure at oil injection points of various parts of the punch transmission system

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8. Check and adjust the piston action, brake angle, clearance from brake and the test points of brake pad wear

9. Measure the clearance between slider guide rail and guide road and check the friction surface, and make adjustment and correction if necessary

10. Add manual lubricating grease to flywheel bearing and other parts. Check pipes, joints and other parts

11. Regularly check the action of the balance cylinder and the oil circuit and connector of the oil lubrication system

12. The insulation impedance of motor circuit and electrical operating circuit shall also be tested and checked

13. The accuracy of the whole machine (perpendicularity, parallelism, comprehensive clearance, etc.) shall be tested frequently and adjusted if necessary

14. The appearance and accessories of the punch shall be clean. Check the fastening screws of the machine foot (foundation), and adjust the locking and level of the nut if necessary

15. Keep the pump and pipeline valve of lubricating oil supply system clean and maintained

16. Pneumatic components and pipelines shall be kept clean

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2、 Items to be carried out after 3000-4000 hours of use

17. Performance test of photoelectric safety device and test and adjustment of projection angle and area

18. Check the appearance of electrical system parts, contact wear, loose wiring, emergency stop circuit function, etc

19. Check whether the oil circuit is clean, the oil chamber is cleaned, the oil is renewed, and the pressure action and function in the overload protection device of the punch

20. Check and adjust the wear and tension of V-belt of main motor

21. Disassemble all parts of the brake release mechanism (flywheel excluded), clean and maintain them, check and adjust the clearance, reassemble and commission them

22. Disassemble, clean, check, reassemble and commission balancer parts

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3、 Items to be carried out after 6000-8000 hours of use

23. Disassemble, clean and maintain the saw tooth connecting rod of the punch, check the engagement and wear of the saw tooth and connecting rod threads, polish, polish the engagement surface and apply grease

24. Disassemble the slider assembly (ball seat, cover, overload oil cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc.), clean and maintain it, adjust the clearance and wear surface, check the oil seal and reapply lubricating grease

25. Check the disassembly of the mold gasket and keep it clean. Apply lubricating grease on all wearing surfaces before assembly and commissioning