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How to maintain the plate bending machine? What are the precautions?

How to maintain the bending machine? What are the precautions? Jiuying tells you the answer!

After some sheet metal factories purchased the bending machine, it broke after less than two years of use (except for the poor quality of the machine tool). The problem lies in the way of use and machine maintenance. Let's take a look at whether you are doing the right thing in using and maintaining the bending machine.

Precautions for use

1. Before running the bending machine, the tools used must match the control program

2. Be sure to turn off the bending machine after the work is over

Two ways to turn off the bending machine

1. Close the machine tool to the middle of the bottom dead center, that is, move the slider to the center of the bottom dead center, turn off the main motor, set the operation switch to "0", and the main switch to "0".

2. Use two pieces of wood of the same height to turn off the bending machine, that is, put two pieces of wood on the workbench, and set the operation mode selection button to "2". After the bending machine is turned off, manually pull down the slider until you can touch the wood block. Then set the operating mode selection button to "0", and finally set the main switch to "0".

Use the emergency stop button

When using the emergency stop button, all the shafts and pumps will stop, but the control system is not closed. Please restart the machine: release the emergency stop button first, and then press the green button to run the machine. No need to reset the upper and lower die parameters.

How to maintain the bending machine? What are the precautions? Jiuying tells you the answer!

Bending machine maintenance


1. It is recommended that when maintaining and overhauling the bending machine, the staff should have certain experience and carefully read the operation manual of the required overhauling bending machine.

2. It is recommended to let the bending machine manufacturer to overhaul the machine

3. The machine operator needs to check the machine every day to avoid oil leakage or part of the machine loosening

4. If you cannot solve the machine failure by yourself, it is recommended to contact the bending machine manufacturer in time

Maintenance of bending machine parts

1. The guide rails need to be checked once a week, remember to apply oil

2. The backgauge also needs to be oiled

3. Check the tightness of the conveyor belt

4. Wipe clean the dashboard and check the drive part

5. Clean the mold and check for damage

Maintenance of hydraulic system

Precautions for adding hydraulic oil

1. Check the hydraulic oil once a day. When the slider moves to the highest point, observe the position of the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil is insufficient, please add oil in time.

2. You can first add 10% oil to the hydraulic oil tank to let the hydraulic oil complete a single cycle, so that not only the volume of the oil tank can be calculated, but also the cycle frequency of the hydraulic pump can be calculated.

3. When the slider reaches the top dead center, add hydraulic oil to the middle of the oil level gauge (you can see from the back of the oil tank)

Cycle time (minutes) = fuel tank volume (liters) / hydraulic pump cycle frequency * 5

High-power oil filter (small bending machine does not have this oil filter, you can skip this step)

After the bending machine has been working for 200 hours, the filter element must be replaced first, and then every six months or after 1000 hours of work, or the yellow indicator light showing the replacement filter element is on, then replace it. A filter with a filtration accuracy of 10U is required. After replacing the filter element, the bending machine must work continuously for more than one hour.

Note: If the yellow indicator light is on and the filter element is replaced later, the bending machine needs to run for more than eight hours.

How to maintain the bending machine? What are the precautions? Jiuying tells you the answer!

bending machine Backgauge

If the purchased bending machine does not have the backgauge automatic positioning function, it is recommended to check the starting positions of all axes once a week.

Check the function of the press brake

Check the measuring system of the bending machine

Check the adjustable parts of the machine

Check sensors, sliders, back gauges, upper and lower molds

In the daily operation process of the bending machine, if the maintenance can be carried out in accordance with the above steps, not only the failure rate of the machine can be reduced, but the service life of the machine can be increased.

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