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What are the equipments of H steel production line and what are their functions?

What are the equipments of H steel production line and what are their functions?

Dalian Jiuying Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete production line for H steel production, which can be customized according to customer needs.

The H-steel production line is mainly composed of five machines: CNC flame cutting machine, H-beam assembly machine, gantry-type automatic welding machine, H-beam straightening machine, and shot blasting machine. Let's take a closer look at what these machines do and see how H steel is produced.

1. CNC flame cutting machine

The CNC flame cutting machine is mainly used for cutting plates, cutting our steel plates into suitable sizes, and the operation is very simple and convenient. In addition to being used in H steel production lines, CNC flame cutting machines can also be used in many fields, such as light pole production lines, JCO pipe production lines, etc.


2. H-beam assembly machine

The H-beam assembling machine adopts the international common mechanical close alignment on one side, and the other side adopts the hydraulic cylinder clamping method for assembling and spot welding. By adopting the frequency converter technology, it can intuitively reflect the wing plate and the web The position of the board when it is working.

The machine adopts PLC programmable controller to automatically control the whole process of H-beam clamping, centering and positioning and spot welding. Fast and efficient. The machine is also equipped with a pressure maintaining device, which can automatically assemble and spot weld H-beams with variable cross-sections. The welding torch is machine (liquid) tracking, which is easy to operate and of good quality.


3. Gantry automatic welding machine

The gantry automatic welding machine is mainly suitable for the automatic welding of the left and right side plates of the H-beam and the circumferential seam of the box. This machine adopts a vertical machine tool structure, and the special machine head adopts a vertical single-head configuration. The position of the welding torch, the position of the workpiece, and the rotation of the workpiece are mutually configured to complete the submerged arc welding of the workpiece. After welding the set welding parameters, the workpiece is driven by the motor to return to the starting point to ensure the consistent welding process requirements of each weldment.


4. h-beam straightening machine

In order to avoid the defects of H-beam finished products, the H-beam straightening machine comes in handy. The H-beam flange straightening machine is a special equipment for correcting the deformation of the H-beam flange plate after welding. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, high speed and high efficiency. , works reliably. It is one of the necessary machines for the production of H-beam production lines.

It is mainly composed of main drive motor, drive roller, straightening roller, pressing device, guide roller, machine base, conveying raceway, etc. It has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance.


5. Shot blasting machine

After completing the previous steps, our H-beam has been basically formed, and there is no disadvantage in function, but you will find that its aesthetics are a bit lacking. At this time, it is time for the shot blasting machine to appear. Roller universal H-beam shot blasting machine is developed according to the characteristics of steel structure. It adopts computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation design and is equipped with high-efficiency cylindrical pulse backflushing dust collector to determine the position of the shot blasting machine and quickly remove the dirt on the metal surface. Rust, so, your H steel is officially finished.


Through the introduction of these machines, I believe you have also understood the basic process of producing H steel. Do you think it is very simple? If you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact information of the website, we will reply as soon as we see it, and look forward to your news.

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