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What are the machine components of the door frame production line?

What are the machine components of the door frame production line?(图1)

Recently, the company exported a set of steel door production lines to Vietnam. This article summarizes the specific production products and parameters of door frames for your reference.

To manufacture the door frame of the steel door, it is necessary to use a feeding frame, a leveling machine, an adjustable servo combination punch, a feeding frame, a hydraulic cutting machine, and a discharging frame.

The first is the cutting and conveying of plates, as well as the manufacture of accessories, which require a feeding rack, a leveling machine, and an adjustable servo combination punch. The following are the specific parameters.

What are the machine components of the door frame production line?(图2)

The feeding rack adopts a vertical structure

1. Adopt single-head manual core expanding and unloading rack.

2. The outer diameter of the discharge size is not less than 1200MM.

3. The inner diameter of the discharge size is 400-550MM.

4. It can meet the change of material width between 200MM-350MM.

5. The bearing weight of a single head is not less than 3000KG.

6. No power transmission, with brake device.

Leveling machine

1. Overall dimensions: length 1000mm* width 1500mm* center height 900mm

2. The number of flat rolls is up to 5 and down to 6

3. The diameter of the flat roll is 61mm

4. Kaiping roller material 40Cr, quenching and tempering treatment (5) Kaiping machine wall board thickness 28mm material A3 board, overall adjustment

What are the machine components of the door frame production line?(图3)

Adjustable servo combination punch

1.10-station CNC hydraulic cylinder, tonnage 40T

2. Input power: 11KW;

3. The maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system is 25MPa;

4. Beat: 10-12 times/min;

5. Thickness of vertical plate: 70mm;

6. Equipment throat opening height: as required;

7. Overall dimensions of the whole machine: 3000*950*1800 (mm);

What are the machine components of the door frame production line?(图4)

Next is the door frame forming part

Feeding rack

1. (1) The width of the passing material is 400-500mm (adjusted according to the door frame material), the material is 1.2mm-2.0mm, the material of strip steel is Q195, cold-rolled sheet, hot-rolled sheet.

(2) Heat treatment of guide plate material Cr12 at 58-60 degrees

2. Rack structure

 (1) Equipment structure: The main box structure is formed, and the connection is positioned.

 (2) The main frame material is welded with 100mm*100mm square tube, and the frame is welded with 25mm steel plate

3. Transmission mode: bevel gear transmission mode.

4. Number of roller sets: one set. The diameter of the roller shaft is ¢50mm (material is medium carbon steel). Tempered and tempered grinder.

5. Rolling wheel material: It is made of 42crmo material, and the grinding machine processing matches the mold.

6. Roll heat treatment: HRC52-55.

7. The surface of the rolling wheel is polished.

8. Rack structure: The one-piece archway is adopted, the thickness of the archway is 30MM (28MM after processing) (material A3 board), and the width of the door is 450MM.

9. Rolling wheel forming speed: 6-8 M/MIN, the motor is ___KW.

10. Tonnage of molding machine: 12 tons (32 groups)

Hydraulic cutting machine

1. The lower frame and the middle frame of the hydraulic cutting machine stop cutting steps when the waste is discharged. The cutter can be quickly replaced, and the center height and vertical and horizontal directions of the cutter can be adjusted to realize continuous cutting.

2. The power of the hydraulic station is 4Kw, the hydraulic cylinder is 100mm, and the oil tank capacity of the hydraulic station is 1 cubic meter.

3. Cutting die material Cr12mov, HRC58-62.

4. The cutting accuracy is plus or minus 1mm

Discharge rack

The discharge rack is a frame structure, which is composed of a frame, a transmission roller, etc., to meet the discharge requirements of finished products.

The above is one of the ways to manufacture the door frame. In the next article, we will introduce how to manufacture the door panel and the specific parameters. Welcome to check it out. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time through the contact information on the website, we will reply as soon as possible and look forward to your news.

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