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What are the machines that make door panels?

What are the machines that make door panels?(图1)

What are the machines that make door panels?

In the last article, the editor introduced the machinery and reference parameters required for making a door frame production line. In this article, I will introduce the machine for making door panels. The machine for making door panels is mainly composed of embossing machine, foam laminating machine and transfer printing machine.

Embossing machine uses and features:

The embossing machine is suitable for major security door manufacturers and steel wholesale markets to stamp various pattern security door panels. It has the advantages of fast, safe and reliable, energy saving, beautiful products, and low cost. The equipment control system adopts the more advanced automatic control and the manual control system to make the control system more perfect, which can be exchanged at any time according to the needs, and the operation is very simple and convenient.

What are the machines that make door panels?(图2)

Foam Laminator

It is used for pressing and forming various kinds of plates, flat pressing of plates, pressing of fireproof boards, pressing of wooden doors, pressing of honeycomb panels, and pressing of plates.

Product parameters

1. Platen size: 2200mm *1100mm *42mm*7 pieces

2. Platen spacing: 50mm *6 layers

3. Maximum temperature: 80 degrees (normal temperature -80 degrees adjustable)

4. Maximum pressure: 50T (adjustable within 50T)

5. Number of cylinders: 50 tons: 4 pieces (100*80mm) Seal brand: Taiwan Ding-class

6. Hydraulic system power: 4KW with enough hydraulic oil (hydraulic system brand: Taiwan Oilfield)

7. Heating system: electric heating, heat transfer oil heat transfer (optional water heat transfer)

8. Heating system power: 30KW, divided into two groups for heating, which can heat up quickly, and can use a group of 15KW to keep warm when the set temperature is reached.

9. The direction of feeding and discharging is in the long direction of 2200mm

What are the machines that make door panels?(图3)

Transfer machine

The new multi-function molding door wood grain transfer equipment has changed the traditional transfer mode, and the transfer technology is simple and easy to learn. , three transfer functions in one, 5-8 minutes to close the door

The operation flow procedure is as follows:

1. Put the workpiece that needs to be transferred on the workbench, and lay a piece of wood grain paper of suitable size with the wood grain side down. The surface that needs to be transferred should be completely in contact with the wood grain paper.

2. Cover the silicone plate and vacuumize it, and use your hands to push the air out of the patterned area. No air isolation. Where there is air, there will be leaks. Make sure that the surface that needs to be transferred is completely attached to the wood grain paper.

3. Push the worktable into the furnace. For wood grain transfer, it usually takes 4 minutes.

4. When the transfer time is up, it will automatically alarm, pull out the worktable, and exhaust.

5. Lift up the silicone board and remove the wood grain paper.

What are the machines that make door panels?(图4)

The above is the basic equipment required to manufacture door panels. Manufacturers can also customize other machinery according to actual needs. If you have the need to produce door panels, you can contact us at any time through the website contact information, and we will reply as soon as you see it.

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