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Hydraulic door embossing press machine

  • Hydraulic door embossing press machine
  • Hydraulic door embossing press machine
Hydraulic door embossing press machine Hydraulic door embossing press machine

Hydraulic Door Embossing Press machine Main Parts And Function

Press mainly by the body, the hydraulic control system, electrical control systems, security systems and other components.


1. The bodypart:

1.1 Body

By the body on the beam, moving beam, lower beam, four column components. Airframe structure for the casting, de-stress treatment.

1.2 Usage: An ideal machine forembossing steel door sheets .Has inching and semi  automatic functions.

1.3 Machine structure: three-beams, eight-column, singleaction.

Three beams adopt high quality steel plates. Oil Cylinder blocks is made of #35 forge piece .Oil Cylinder's plunger piston is made of chilled cast iron.

Surface hardness: above HRC45.

Eight columns is made of #45 steel, quenched and tempered to HBS255-275. Surface hardness after hard chrome plating: above HRC55.

Guide sleeve: H59 copper bush, 8 pieces intotal.

Hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve: simple structure, reliable without leakage, able to meet the need of high pressure and large flow. Good heat dissipation, reduce reactive power loss   to the lowest.

Hydraulic Door EmbossingPress machine(图1)

2. The hydraulic controlsystem

Hydraulic system consists of a pump, valve block, filling valve, cooling and filtering systems, piping, etc., by means of the electrical control system of  complete hydraulic control various  actions.

2.1 Hydraulic System Main pump selection YCY series of constant power axial piston variable displacement pump, pilot valve with Shandong Jining series valves, can greatly improve the stability and reliability of the   press operation.

2.2 Master system uses two hydraulic cartridge valve integrated system. The system has a compact, fast response, within the vent small, sensitive and reliable, flow, strong anti-pollution, easy maintenance, long life and otheradvantages.

2.3 Cooling and filteringsystem

Hydraulic system with a separate oil cooling water filtration devices, to ensure that the oil temperature and cleanliness.

2.4 Tank

Pump turbine hydraulic control system and hydraulic control valve on the tank block plane ordered. Tank welded steel structure, tank side opened a window for cleaning the tank, which is also mounted on the oil level gauge oil temperature, air filter, etc., when pickling tank installation, passivation and anti-rust   treatment.

2.5 Pipeline

Hydraulic piping system sealed and reliable, high-pressure and high-flange sealing elements connected by high- pressure line, which can effectively prevent leakage. Piping layout and tidy, and the provision of adequate seismic pipe clamps, which can effectively reduce and control line vibration. Pickling passivation of piping installation.

Hydraulic Door EmbossingPress machine(图2)

3. The electrical controlsystem

Electrical power control  system is divided into two parts and control  systems, including the  power to control  the total power supply section, and start and stop each motor protection switch, high-power motor starter with a star deltastarterturndown,three-phasefour-wirepowersupply,AC380V,50HZ,pilotsolenoidvalvevoltageDCDC24V.

The control section including electrical boxes, control boxes and mobile station buttons, electrical box on the ground, the control box is placed on the right front column machine, the machine can complete the whole operation of the control box to be completed by the operation of all aircraft movements operate, with hydraulic operation of each    part of the operation box buttons, function switch, each motor start and stop buttons and all part of the alarm, surveillancelights.


4. Painting and Protection

Paint color is white, orange sliding beam is also available according to the customer to determine the color palette, press the parts before painting should be divisible oxide surface, welding slag and oil, paint pre-treatment surface should reach GB8923- 88A-B Sa2.5 level, after painting epoxy anti-rust paint and finish bottom, end, finish the film thickness ≥70um, should be prepared before leaving the factory all exposed machined surface rust   protection.

5. Setting press the emergency stop button, when an exception occurs press the "press" stop "button, including the motors are stopped. Press uprights corners are equipped with emergency stop   button.


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