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Steel door production line machines and equipments

Lamination Machine

  • Lamination Machine
  • Lamination Machine
  • Lamination Machine
  • Lamination Machine
Lamination Machine Lamination Machine Lamination Machine Lamination Machine

Lamination Machine Technical Parameters 

Working principle and characteristics

Working principle: hydraulic cylinder working from top to bottom

In order to ensure the maximum foaming force of the lamination machine, the oil path is designed as the internal drilling hole of the solid steel plate, and the carrying mould plate is used as the main component of the lamination machine.

A total of 7 hot-pressed plates are manufactured with high quality solid steel plate. The thickness of hot-pressed plate is 42mm

Hydraulic valves are imported from Taiwan

Timing control, according to the production process to set the time, it’s convenient when the pressure plate automatically  raised.

Lamination Machine

The electrical control system can overload, short circuit, lose voltage, undervoltage protection, rated voltage AC380v, voltage range is applicable to 380 v ±10. The main electrical appliances use safety devices.

Safety warning device, including pressure plate stroke limit switch, fault alarm and so on.

A set of emergency stop switches for emergency shutdown.

Ø There are manual / automatic modes, the control panel can be based on the time of the press, pressure display, working pressure in the pressure gauge can be set within the normal range. Pressure holding time 0-99 hours range adjustable, automatic release of pressure after reaching the set time.

Lamination Machine

The workbench can be operated automatically and continuously, that is, the active working pressure plate can stay in any position in the stroke (can be realized in manual mode). The balanced rack ensures that the working pressure plate is smooth during movement.

After the working pressure plate movement reaches the set position, the pressure of the hydraulic station rises, after the preset pressure automatically stops rising and locks tightly.


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